S&S PE-lining Co., Ltd.

S&S PE-lining Co., Ltd. located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Since its establishment, it has been working hard on the PE lining field and Applied PE-lining in industrial area ex. carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessel, pipe, components.

The company has extensive experience and outstanding brand credibility in manufacturing containers with internal PE linings. For example, it has been used in the treatment of acids, alkalis, water, wastewater and waste oil ... for more than 20 years

Our products use high-temperature hot-coating technology and peel strength reaches (92 kg / cm2).

It’s no gap and seamless between the PE lining and the inner wall of the tub. PE lining is beautiful, durable and strong of surface and MFG technology leader in Taiwan.

Currently exported to mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Southeast Asia countries. with steady pace and stable selling more than 200 tanks per year.

SSPE PE lining, polyethylene, pressure vessel, storage tanks and pipe for steel and stainless steel linings can be produced according to customer requirements. Improve quality products and services for customers around the world.


Adopt special high temperature rolling speed construction method to make the inner surface of the tank body form a lining at one time. The inner substrate layer of PE is firmly adhered to the tank steel plate, and its thickness is about 2.5 mm or more.


The surface layer of PE lining is made by high-purity materials, no welding seams and seamless, strong and durable. Good cleanliness and insulation. It is a PE liner with excellent corrosion resistance. Its thickness is about 2.5 mm and up.


PE lining thickness is more than 5mm (including thickness required by customized), 22m³ steel transport tank, its weight has only increased by about 400kg. 。


S&S PE-lining Co., Ltd. Committed to the development of PE lining、sales and after-sales service years of experience and provide customized service all over the world.